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Planning for water safety in buildings and workplaces Posted by , 24/08/2020

Water systems are present in almost every building. These typically include domestic water systems (which provide potable hot and cold water) and central heating systems. Some buildings also have chilled water systems to provide space cooling.... read more

Building Services Validation: Is my building the one I thought it was? Posted by , 10/03/2021

Validation of building services should be held in higher regard than it often is by many people in the construction industry. Whether managing a building and its services or designing and installing systems into an existing building, knowledge is... read more

HVAC Market Trends Posted by , 22/07/2022

The dynamic in the UK has changed significantly since the pandemic, where it was still considered a commercially driven market, now the majority of multi-splits are sold into domestic. Single-splits remain mostly commercially driven, but here too... read more

The future of residential heating in the middle of an energy crisis Posted by , 22/12/2022

The energy market has been under tremendous pressure since BSRIA published its strategic analysis of the future HVAC market earlier this year. As the conflict in Ukraine becomes more intense and the gas supply from Russia dwindles, energy prices... read more

Global heat pump market slow but progressing in 2023 Posted by , 16/05/2024

The global market for hydronic heat pumps has grown modestly by 1% in 2023. Growth has been generated by markets with long history of heat pump deployment, like Japan and Sweden, where replacement market has become mature, but also... read more

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