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New air filtration and clean Indoor Air Quality Standards Posted by SpencerMayes, 18/02/2020

An important step forward to improve control of air quality in buildings.

There have been many recent changes in the British, European and World technical standards relating to clean Indoor Air Quality and the air filter performance testing. New standards have been developed in response to the need to breathe clean healthy air by occupants of city buildings. The need for clean air that can be inhaled without risk to health does not change whether inside or outside a building. However outside air in UK cities has been a cause for concern for many years. This concern has mainly centred around the high levels of traffic air pollution in the form of fine combustion particles (PM1, PM2.5) and the associated combustion gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2). There are a large number of medical studies giving details of the negative health effects of exposure to these and other outdoor sourced air pollutants.  Read more...

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